A Teacher's Voice
for Families

Monica Ruiz

Candidate for Wake County School Board – District 2

Why I’m Running:

I have been working for WCPSS in various teaching capacities since 2017.  I have first-hand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the academic programs in Wake County Public Schools.  Here are just some of my concerns: 

-Curricula infused with social activism
-Lack of curriculum transparency with parents
-Math curricula that does not adequately teach and prepare students for the real world
-ELA curriculum that drains the soul of teachers and students- for teachers it is confusing to teach and does not spark enthusiasm for reading and writing in students
-Low Teacher pay as compared to other states, especially for veteran teachers
-High demands on teachers, requiring them to spend personal time and monies to support their instruction
-Lack of fiscal transparency
-Lack of textbooks and materials available for students and teachers
-Large class sizes beyond 3rd grade
-Cavalier attitude about reassignments, particularly as it pertains to students with special needs
Safety and Security
-Lack of county-wide discipline policy
-Lack of security on school campuses
-Transportation issues-delays, no-shows, bullying and fights on buses
I find it incumbent upon me to not just complain about the system but to do something about it.  I am ready to work to improve Wake County Public schools for ALL children.  I want parents to be secure knowing that their children are getting the quality education that they expect and deserve.  Parents should be assured knowing that their children are getting a public school education which is on par with any other private, charter, or homeschool. I am asking you to support me with your vote.