• Eliminating MVP, Open Up math, and the EL curriculum provided by Open Up Resources
  • Eliminating curriculum (like in social studies) that promotes social activism and tenants of CRT
  • Eliminating Common Core from the curriculum
  • Providing textbooks for coursework


  • Eliminating the Office of Equity Affairs which has no measure of success and has not sought to bring up the reading and math proficiency levels of minority and disadvantaged students
  • Accounting for the allocation of textbooks that have not been spent on textbooks
  • Accounting for wasteful spending and the pet projects of the Board and Superintendent
  • Eliminating the wasteful disposal of books, technology, and food that could be repurposed or recycled
  • Finding ways to save money and/or reallocate it to essential needs and services for the students
  • Paying substitutes more for taking on long-term positions
  • Compensating teachers that sacrifice their planning time to substitute for another teacher

Safety and security

  • Assigning at least one SRO to each school or more based on population size
  • Using K-9s
  • Creating a centralized school police force
  • Securing all entrances and enclosures for schools
  • Installing and utilizing metal detectors at the middle and high schools
  • Implementing consistent security procedures and protocols at all schools